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I am a Certified Fear-Free Professional and have been working with dogs and their owners since 2008.  With extensive experience in reward-based, genuinely dog-friendly training, I'm happy to help you with getting your puppy or dog off to a great start.  I can also assist you with more complex behavior issues :  being polite and mannerly in your home, walking nicely on leash, "stranger danger" and dog/dog issues.  I welcome questions : 

Client Services

Private lessons * Behavior Issues


Private Lessons are conducted in person or via Zoom. They allow me to work with you and your dog at your own pace, addressing your immediate concerns and offering practical ways to show your dog the rules of your home. I'll follow up our session with an email of personalized suggestions!

Behavior issues such as dog aggression, biting, barking, territoriality, and the kinds of things that can become frustrating fast. I'd love to show you how to help your dog using kind, proven, science-based methods. The first step forward is to get in touch with me.



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Joy B., Elmsford NY

"Misa is one of the most caring and considerate people, a truly positive reward based trainer!"

Margaret W., Tarrytown NY

We started working with Misa when our beloved rescue pup was struggling with some anxiety at home and in the outside world. We were very overwhelmed, and Misa helped us understand how our pup was perceiving things in the environment, and how to use training games and positive reinforcement to ease his stress and reduce reactivity. She also helped us look at easy and inexpensive ways to modify our environment to make our pup feel safer. She made us feel so supported and followed each session with loads of useful resources and even some tailored videos to help us better understand some of the methods she taught us. She is warm, calm, and very understanding, and we are so grateful for her support. She has changed our sweet pup's life - and our lives - for the better! Thank you, Misa!


Melissa B., Princeton, NJ

"Misa is a caring, intelligent, thoughtful trainer. She has the rare ability to communicate with *both* ends of the leash, and a deep, science-based understanding of dog behavior that informs her work. More importantly, she brings fun and enjoyment for everyone involved!"


Caitlin D., Ridgefield CT

"I have had the pleasure of working with Hudson Valley Dog Trainer Misa Martin. Her talents, knowledge and experience are a winning combination for dog trainers. She is energetic and caring in her approach to teaching the latest scientific training methods - in my experience, she has profoundly impacted owners in getting their puppies started on the right paw!"

Kathryn H.

"Thanks again for a great class. I can't wait to practice the Impulse Control games with my Gordon pup!" 

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