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title. reading list

date. 2017

about. books + DVDs

Reading List


1. The Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson.

2. Don’t Shoot the Dog and Reaching the Animal Mind - Karen Pryor.

3. Positive Perspectives 2 : Know your Dog, Train your Dog and Do Over Dogs. Pat Miller

4. Before and After Getting your New Puppy. and the online Training Textbook, available free from Ian Dunbar

5.Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training, - Pamela Dennison

6. The Other End of the Leash, Feisty Fido, I’ll be Home Soon, Feeling Outnumbered?, How to be the Leader of the Pack - and have your dog love you for it!, Play Together, Stay Together, Way to Go, The Cautious Canine -  Patricia McConnell

7. Click to Calm, Emma Parsons

8. How to Behave so your Dog Behaves, Dr. Sophia Yin

9. Ruff Love and Shaping Success, Susan Garrett

10.Calming Signals; On Talking Terms with Dogs , Barking: The Sound of a Language; My Dog Pulls, What do I Do?- Turid Rugaas

11. Exel-erated Learning, Pam Reid

12. Terry Ryan (anything)

13. Help for your Fearful Dog, Nicole Wilde

14. Positive Puppy Training Works, Joel Walton

15. Brenda Aloff - (anything)

16. Grisha Stewart, The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual


DVDs - also available to rent from Bow Wow Flix.


1. Crate Games, Susan Garrett

2. Really Reliable Recall, Leslie Nelson

3.The Language of Dogs - Sarah Kalnajs

4. Control Unleashed - Leslie McDevitt

5. Perfect Paws in Five Days - Jean Donaldson


Online videos


  1. Ken Ramirez, Animal Care and Training Techniques

  2. Kiko Clicker Pup, Complete ‘how to’ videos for dog training

  3. Domesticated Manners, Dog Training and Behavior - has video that shows how to get your dog used to wearing a cone collar

  4. That Dog Geek - animated videos that get into the science behind the training!

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