title. Capturing Behaviors

date. Fall 2017

about : How to get behaviors using the "Capturing" method

What is "capturing" a behavior, and why is it recommended? In the video above, I'll show you a few examples of what Capturing is, when to use it, and why it's a great tool to use in training.

Misa Martin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Years of attending agility seminars, workshops, seminars and camps with her first dog led to the beginning of her professional dog training career as a PetSmart Trainer in 2008. In addition to teaching at PCOTC's Family Manners and Agility programs, Misa is a staff trainer at the Mount Vernon Humane Society, active with Waggytail Rescue as a consultant for training and behavior issues, and a trainer with the Briarcliff SPCA education program. Misa owns HappyValleyDogs.com, providing reward­ based training to private clients. Through her knowledge, experience, and sense of humor, Misa encourages students to approach dog training as a team effort, where students learn as much from their dogs as dogs learn from their "parents," making training fun for humans and dogs alike!

Misa can be reached at hudsonvalleydog@gmail.com