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Resources for Puppies!

Here are my favorite games to play with a new puppy, as well as some online resources and classes linked below!


Ping Pong Puppy! Teach your dog her name as well as how rewarding and FUN it is to come when called! Everyone in the family can play this game.


Got your Collar! This essential game is a must for easy handling, grooming and bathing for the life of your dog. Every member of your family needs to play this game.


Take a puppy socialization class that uses positive reinforcement teaching methods. Socialize your puppy in a well-managed environment that emphasizes play time with well-matched pups!


Enrichment! Join the Canine Enrichment Group on FB for dozens of ideas about keeping your dog busy.  Feeding from chew and puzzle toys is a fantastic start, but there is so much more to discover!


Want to move your dog's potty training along? Reward your dog with food each time they have a successful trip to their potty spot!


On that note, make a schedule for the whole family to use. Note your successes - from pottying to training games that you play! If your dog is having a challenge, you'll be able to see it if your schedule is accurate. Is anyone leaving your puppy unsupervised? Is your puppy ready for that?


Practice from your handouts every day. Not sure what games to play? Print out your handouts, and put them in a binder. With your eyes closed, randomly flip open the binder and do that exercise!


I * L O V E * the great advice given over at Pup Start, and they seem to post new videos and pictures just about every day. Go there for great advice and training videos and a whole lotta pupy cuteness.

Trainer Lisa Mullinax and 4Paws University also have great articles and graphics that illustrate questions that new dog owners may have. This, plus Lisa's razor-sharp wit, make me a fan!

The fun, information-packed videos over at Kiko Clicker Pup are especially relevant for new puppy owners - how to stop puppies from grabbing your clothing and much more.


Visit Julie Daniels' excellent video library here. Julie teaches online at Fenzi Dog Sport Academy - take a look at her puppy classes here!

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